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The Path of Literature
  Onomichi is well known throughout Japan for the numerous writers and poets who were inspired by the city's beautiful scenery and quiet lifestyle, and the Path of Literature is a silent reminder of this.

  The Path is dotted with 25 stone monuments on which have been inscribed some part of the famous authors' works. Take a stroll down from Mt. Senkoji on the Path of Literature and let yourself be soothed by its quiet atmosphere. Let the poems made by those who loved Onomichi fill you with dreams and wonder.


Authors whose poems and writings appear on the Path of Literature
1 Soho Tokutomi 2 Shozan Maeda 3 Shiki Masaoka
4 Motsugai 5 Ikku Juppensha 6 Kyosuke Kindaichi
7 Suiin Emi 8 Naoya Shiga 9 Fumiko Hayashi
10 Koan Ogata 11 Sazanami Iwaya 12 Gendo Yamaguchi
13 Seishi Yamaguchi 14 Byakuren Yanagihara 15 Hekigoto Kawahigashi
16 Chikuden, Chikka, Hakushu 17 Basho Matsuo 18 Kenkichi Nakamura
19 Traditional folk songs 20 Isamu Yoshii 21 Old poems
22 Hoan Kosugi 23 Chazan Kan 24 Kyugoro Jinmaku
25 Sanyo Rai        

Get on a bus at the JR Onomichi Station and get off at the Nagae-guchi bus stop. Go up Mt. Senkoji and you will reach the Path after 3 minutes.

It is possible to park cars at the Kaori-bashi parking lot in Senkoji Park.


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