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Onomichi Literature Museum
  The city of Onomichi is known as a place favored by many writers, who came to love this beautiful place and let their attachment be felt in their works.

  The Onomichi Literature Museum is a tribute to these artists, and you are invited to discover them through the books they wrote and the places where they lived. The museum comprises the Commemorative Library, the former residence of Kenkichi Nakamura, the former residence of Naoya Shiga and the Literature Park.

Hours (November-March) 9:00`17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
(April-October) 9:00`18:00 (Admission until 17:30)
Admission fees Access to all 3 houses: ¥300
(Group of 20+, ¥240 per person)
Closed Every Tuesday from December to February
and from December 29th to January 3rd
Contact Commemorative Library
13-28, Higashi Tsuchido-cho, Onomichi-shi, 722-0033
(Tel.: 0848-22-4102)
Former Residence of Naoya Shiga
8-28, Higashi Tsuchido-cho, Onomichi-shi, 722-0033
(Tel.: 0848-23-6243)
Tourism Division
15-1, Kubo 1-chome, Onomichi-shi, 722-8501
(Tel.: 0848-25-7184
Access On foot: 10 min. from JR Onomichi Station
Bus: From JR Onomichi Station, get off at the Watashiba bus stop and walk 5 min.


  Onomichi City Hall
15-1, Kubo 1-chome, Onomichi-shi, 722-8501
Tel.: 0848-25-7111    Fax.: 0848-37-2740

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