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Shimanami Kaido
(Shimanami Expressway)

Bicycle Rental Fees and “Norisute” System

The Shimanami Kaido offers a great environment for a fantastic cycling experience. Bicycles are available for rental. Here are the details:

Bicycle rental fees

  • Adults (junior high school and older) - ¥1,000 / day
  • Children (elementary school and younger) - ¥300 / day
  • Electric engine-assisted bicycle (adults only) - ¥1,500 / Within 6 hours
  • Tandem bicycles -¥1,200
  • DEPOSIT: Adults - ¥1000 Children of primary school age and under ¥500
  • Note: Helmets are also available for rental.

“Norisute” system

Bicycles available for rentals do not have to be returned to the same rental terminal. You can return them to any rental terminal along the Shimanami Kaido - this is the “Norisute” (ride and dump) system. Here are the details:

  • People who return bicycles to the same rental terminal as the one where they originally borrowed them will receive the full amount of their deposit. Deposit money will not be returned if bicycles are brought to a different rental terminal.
  • HOWEVER, electric engine-assisted bicycles MUST be returned to the SAME rental terminal.They're available only in Onomichi Port,Setoda Tourist Information Booth andSetoda Sunset Beach.
  • Regular bicycles can be returned to any rental terminal.
  • It is possible to rent a bicycle and return it on a different day. Rental fees will be calculated accordingly.

Onomichi-City Office
15-1, Kubo 1-chome, Onomichi-shi, 722-8501
TEL : (0848-25-7111)    FAX : (0848-37-2740)

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